I had the opportunity to work with Mariú and her wonderful team for a period of several months. Mariú was so warm and pleasant and made me feel at ease with the entire process of a home redesign. I was able to speak with her candidly about the budget and my goals for each of the spaces within the home. She was highly understanding of my needs and was able to set forth a plan to move forward. She was able to communicate effectively with me despite my work schedule and spent a great deal of time curating items that were in very appropriate price ranges. When I felt the need to scale back or take some time to think about options, she was supremely agreeable. I felt that the process was very transformative and collaborative. I had a great deal of fun and learnt a lot about the art and process of re energizing spaces within a home.

Martin and Aldo were also instrumental parts of her team. They set up pieces around the home and made all the spaces come to life. They are great remodelers and adept at many different trades. They were willing to work with me around my schedule and were highly flexible.

Mi experiencia.

Mariú logra que me enamore de cada espacio de mi casa!

Hasta que no lo vives no lo entiendes. No conozco a nadie con su sensibilidad para transformar espacios. Logra hacerlos únicos!

No se trata de una decoradora o una diseñadora de interiores. Mariú es una artista. Encuentra el balance perfecto y logra espacios que hacen sentir a uno en armonía.

Mariú además de transformar mi casa. Sofisticó mi estilo de vida.


Mariú Rionda makes me fall in love with every space of my house! Until you live it, you understand it. I don’t know anyone with her intuition to transform spaces. She makes them unique! Mariú is an artist. She find the perfect balance for you to feel in harmony. Mariú besides transforming my house, she sophisticated my lifestyle.